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• Conductive hearing loss - Sound is impaired in the outer and

middle ear. This usually results in reduced sound levels and the  

loss of faint sounds. Common causes may include ear infections, earwax, fluid in the middle ear from a cold, among other diseases and disorders. The most common treatments are medical and surgical, but in some cases, hearing aids can be an  effective alternative.


• Sensorineural hearing loss - This type of hearing loss occurs when  there is failure to fully or accurately transmit sound through the inner ear or cochlea. This is where sound passes over and stimulates tiny hair cells. When damaged, these hair cells cannot convert sound vibrations accurately in the impulses that travel from the auditory nerve to the brain. This results in a reduction in perception and interpretation of the hearing impulses. This can be typically treated by carefully targeting sound amplification with hearing aids to compensate for damaged hair cells.


• Mixed hearing loss - This is a mixture of both the conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. When this type of hearing loss is present, damage can occur to another part of the ear, causing both to be effected at the same time. This can usually be treated with medical and surgical procedures, but in some cases,hearing aids can be effective, too.


• Tinnitus - If you have ringing in the ears or hear a constant  

buzzing, this is referred to as tinnitus. This does not always occur  with hearing loss, but they are often associated. While the cause is unknown at this time, there are several ways to mask or manage the constant sound. Hearing aids can provide relief to help bring down the ambient noise that naturally covers the  constant ringing.

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Hearing loss affects almost 20% of adults

There are two main types of hearing loss: Conductive and Sensorineural. They both have to do with a failure to transfer sound along the path from the outer ear to the brain’s hearing centers, but they differ in the location of the impairment.

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If you or someone you care about is experiencing any form of hearing loss, it's important to understand what's happening and how to manage it.

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