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Custom shells: 

• ITE (In-the-Ear)

• ITC (In-the-Canal)

• CIC (Completely-in-Canal)

• IIC (Invisible-in-Canal styles


Open fit:

• RIC (Receiver-in-Canal)

• Mini RIC (Receiver-in-Canal)



• BTE (Behind-the-Ear)

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Affordable Hearing Aid Solutions wants what's best for you. We offer a variety of hearing aid devices that have been designed to accommodate your lifestyle. From behind-the-ear devices to invisible ear canal hearing aids, we have it all.

Latest technology


Improve your hearing with automatic volume control, harmonic balance, and feedback suppression. These features allow you to get the most out of your hearing aid device.

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Types of hearing aids:

Major manufacturers:

• Sonic Innovations

• Oticon

• Resound

• Phonak

• Siemens

• Rexton

• Starkey

• Widex

• Unitron

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